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    1. 文章內容

      壩 上 (連載)

      時間:2019-11-25 11:08來源:原創 作者:珠海翻譯公司 點擊:

      珠海市零距離翻譯中心,專業提供優質各語種口譯和筆譯服務。 13527230669   微信同號   珠海翻譯   珠海翻譯公司   

                                                                            壩      上 (連載)

      The hosts on the grassland

        The folk song of Northern Dynasty: Tchirek Song

      Horses are galloping under the white clouds. This is the grassland in our impressions. On the present Bashang, large patches of grass and herds of cows and sheep can still be seen. However, the past nomadic life has ceased to exist. In order to protect the vegetation of the grassland and retain the ecological balance, the herdsmen who were used to herding the cattle for generations erected sheepfolds on the grassland and gradually replaced the goats and cows with enclosed Small Tail sheep and cows. The herdsmen also planted high-quality herbage on the farming land that has been converted into pastures, thus guaranteeing the feed of the folded cows and sheep. Although they no longer lead a nomadic life, their incomes have increased.
      Tchirek River
      Lies under the Dark Mountains


      Where the sky is like the sides of a tent
      Stretched down over the Great Steppe.


      The sky is gray, gray
      And the steppe wide, wide
      Over grass that the wind has battered low
      Sheep and oxen roam.

      In the distance, at the place where wind has just blown, the life on the horsebacks can be seen

      The nomadic life for generations destined that the horseback is another home of the herdsmen on the grassland. Believe it or not, horses are an important part of life for the households on Bashang. In the herdsmen’s lives under the scotching sun and wind and snow, the horseback is a solid battlefield. Beginning from the day when they had horses, the lives of the households on Bashang were divided into two parts: the life on the ground and life on horsebacks.


      With the spring up of tourism on Bashang, in order to increase their incomes and enrich attractions of the grassland, the herdsmen on Bashang have such a variety of tourism events as horse riding, enabling the tourists to have a hands-on experience on the taste on horsebacks. Consequently, from the galloping excellent steed, we vividly see and feel another world on Bashang.
      美麗的草原我的家  My home, the beautiful grassland
      My home, the beautiful grassland

      Wind blows the green grass and flowers are scattered around

      Colorful butterflies are flying and all kinds of birds singing

      Reflected in a stream of greenish water are the sunset clouds

      The excellent steeds are just like the colorful clouds

      And the cows and sheep resemble the scattered pearls


      Ah, the herd-girl is singing aloud

      The joyful song echoes in the heaven
      My home, the beautiful grassland

      I love her with her clear water and fertile pastures

      The grassland is like a green sea

      The yurts look like white lotus flowers

      The herdsmen are painting a scene of happiness and joys
      Thousands of miles of spring picturesque scenes
      This long-standing old song has been sung by generation upon generation and it not only touched the souls of several generations, but also celebrated the unique beauty of the grassland. The touching melody, graceful lyrics as well as the homesickness of the hometown vividly presents a painting of life on the grassland.

      Its popularity can of course be attributed to the gracefulness of the song, but perhaps, to a larger extent, it is due to the engrossment and anticipation to the splendid grassland.